Top earning websites in India without investment

People often say you need money to create more money, but this is no longer true. With the help of income-generating websites, you can make a lot of money and that too without spending even a single cent. In modern times, everything is changing and improving; even the business style has changed.

Before the advent of the internet, people relied on offline business methods, but today you can start your own business online without any investment or very low starting cost. Making money online has become an easy process as you can start it just sitting at home and working to your liking.

The best part about making money sites is that you can be your own boss and work with flexibility. These websites are completely reliable and easy to use, and you can choose a niche according to your capabilities. So you want to make money online?

If so, leading online sites are the best way to make money in today’s digital world. Along with trustworthy websites comes a few websites that may be fraudulent or fraudulent, so it is important that you find real websites to make money so that your hard work is not wasted.

10 Best Websites to Make Money Online

Here are some of the websites we highly recommend as they are reliable, legitimate, easy to use, and worth the time to make money online:

1) YouTube

The art of storytelling began in the digital age. It is now easier to communicate effectively through visual channels, and all credit goes to YouTube for this. You can also use YouTube to make money, and this option is best for people who can create engaging content.

The best part about YouTube is that anyone can upload a video to any topic they want. You can benefit in a variety of ways, such as the more you get, the more money you make on YouTube. Another way is that if you get ads on your video, you will be able to earn about $ 1 to $ 3 per 1000 video views.

But, in order to be successful, it is important for you to choose a niche in which you will create content.

2) Amazon

Needless to say, it is one of the most trusted online sources. They offer you a huge variety of products to choose from to sell and buy. To sell your product on Amazon, you will first need to create a merchant account, and once the registration process is complete, you can upload your product there.

You can also benefit from their affiliate program when you sell other products; you will be able to get a good amount of commission. It is a very large e-commerce platform; is visited by millions of consumers every month; therefore, the chances of the product being sold are also high.

You may be surprised to learn that by 2020 they have received $ 3.86 billion and this one in five has been inspired by foreign businesses. And, according to the data, more than 45% of online product searches in the US start on Amazon alone. The power to earn money in this forum is unlimited, so you should use this great online store.

3) Upwork

This website is the pinnacle of communication between businesses and private individuals around the world; they can connect and participate in various projects at Upwork without suffering. It is a trusted forum and used by millions of users. This is an excellent website to start with and make a gig that pays the most according to your skills.

Here, you can connect with people who hire freelancers; they do not provide opportunities. The first step is to complete the registration process, which is very simple. Here you get a job based on your experience; The more experience and review you have, the more likely you are to earn good money.

Typically, the commission rate stays around 5% to 20%, and the good part is that you can find all kinds of freelancing jobs here, such as content writer, web design, graphic design, typing, visual assistant, etc.

4) Zirtual

If you have good management skills, this is the best place to make money. Over the past few years, the need for visible assistants has increased dramatically. As a visual assistant, you can work anywhere and manage tasks that customers do not have time to manage, such as paying bills, travel bookings, meeting schedules, managing social media accounts, etc.

There are many people who do not have the time to manage their meetings and track their belongings, so they look for people who can arrange all such things for them. Zirtual helps to connect candidates for people who need a visual assistant. You can earn about $ 10- $ 15 an hour as a beginner, and it increases as your knowledge grows.

5) Swagbucks

The website started in 2016, and in just a few years, it has become one of the most lucrative websites. No special skills required to start earning money with this app; all you have to do is watch videos on YouTube and browse online shopping websites. The best part is that when you sign up for their free account, they give you a welcome $ 10 welcome bonus.

Once the account is created after that, they will give you a few daily tasks, and you will receive rewards when you are done. You can also do surveys, play games, shop online, get deals, and buy gift cards to earn extra points.

So, if you like window shopping and video content viewing, this is the perfect forum for you. The points you get can be applied to various forums such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can also transfer this money to your bank account or in the form of gift coupons, depending on the service.

6) Messho

Just as you can earn money through YouTube in the same way as Messho, but what do you think? It can be done by reselling; you can become a retailer at Meesho and start sharing photos of your products and catalogs with your network on your Facebook page.

Meesho is the fastest growing platform in the retail world, and you will be able to make good money with it. If you do not have a product, you can join as a retailer, and the best part is anything you will be offered on behalf of your product. If you get more orders, you will be able to make more money.

All you have to do is add a margin to the product you sell and start making a profit. You can even become a promoter if you have a large network and make money by approving and updating products.

7) Etsy

If you are creative and creative, this is a great place to make money. At Etsy, people usually want the kind of person who can customize things like jewelry, cards, magnets, decorative pieces, etc. You can also sell your creative work there and earn good money with it.

The highlight of this forum is that it is easy to navigate and set up shop. So, you can start your own small business here by selling your designs. At Etsy, they only sell unique specially designed items and handmade products. You may be surprised to learn that they have over 1.7 million retailers and over 28.6 million active buyers.

So, getting there is a great opportunity to get recognition for your products here and get a good amount of money for it.


This is an excellent website for job seekers as a freelancer as here you will be able to find all kinds of jobs easily and earn decent money. You can choose the niche you want to do the job according to your ability and apply it. It is a reliable and trustworthy forum and has few or no complaints from employers and employees.

The different types of jobs you can find here are writing, editing, design, development, etc. there are 100 categories to choose from. You can create a free account at, and once the account is created, you can claim projects according to your skills and make a bid.

Once you have been selected, you need to complete the tasks on time, and they will pay you according to the terms and conditions you agree to.

9) Angel List

If you are looking for a new job or are looking for a job according to your skills, this is the best revenue-generating website. To work with them, you will need to first create a free account, provide your basic information by filling out a form and uploading your resume and linking to your LinkedIn profile.

Once you have completed the registration process and submitted all the required information, customers will have access to you personally after checking your information and your educational background. You can easily find a job here if you are a designer, engineer, product manager, marketer, etc. it is good to say you have the salary you want.

10) Guru

It is another popular independent website with more than 3 million registered freelancers. It has job opportunities for various professionals such as web development, authors, design, translation, marketing, management, etc. A trustworthy site with more than 20 years in the market and itself testifies to its reliability.

They charge a purchase price of 4.95% to 8.95%, depending on your membership level. Guru also has a free version where you can join and apply for jobs without paying any money, but the drawback is that you can only make 10 bids a month.

If you are serious about getting a job, then it is recommended that you choose a category-based membership. As such, you will receive more bids, and the commission rate will also be lower, and you will receive more premium features.

You should never rely on a single source of income; you should always separate it by doing different things. These online leading sites are a great way to earn some free money as you can easily do it with your full-time job. All the websites mentioned above are easy to use, secure and reliable.

The good part about them is that you can take on a lot of work you want and you can do it remotely. Moreover, they are not a stressful way to make money. In the 21st century, this is a great way to increase your cash flow and your total freedom.

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